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Vier Motoren für Europa. Analyse eines Kooperations-Experiments

Deutsche Zusammenfassung des Berichts "The Four Motors for Europe. Analysis of a Cooperation Experiment"
: Kuhlmann, S.; Kuntze, U.
: Fraunhofer-Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung -ISI-, Karlsruhe

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Karlsruhe: ISI, 1992, 32 pp.
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISI ()
cohesion; Forschungskooperation; grenzüberschreitende Kooperation; innovation policy; Innovationspolitik; Kohäsion; R&D cooperation; regional cooperation; regional policy; regionale Kooperation; Regionalpolitik; transborder cooperation

The deal with the cooperation of the four regions (the "Four Motors for Europe" initiative): Baden-Württemberg, Catalunya, Lombardia, Rhône-Alpes. It was carried out on behalf of the Commision of the European Communities, DB XII-MONITOR/FAST, and of the governments of the four regions. The central concern of this analysis is the question of what contribution inter-regional cooperations - such as the "Four Motors for Europe" being examined here - make towards achieving the aim of economic and social cohesion of European regions. The "Four Motors" experiment is suitable for analysis because it is, considered from the point of view of its aims, the most far-reaching model of inter-regional cooperation in Europe to date. Thus the results of the study could later be linked with considerations on the function and promotion of inter-regional cooperation of other regions. The question on cooperation experiences of the "Four Motors" is impicitly based on the hypothesis that inter-regional coope rations are advantageous for the participants. It is assumed that the cooperation facilities the mutual valorization of diverse strengths of the regions.