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Tragverhalten von bewehrtem Mauerwerk bei wandnormaler Belastung

Behaviour of reinforced masonry for laterally loaded wall panels
: Mayrhofer, C.
: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mauerwerksbau e.V. -DGfM-, Bonn

Bonn, 1991, 8 pp. : Abb.
International Brick/Block Masonry Conference <9, 1991, Berlin>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer EMI ()
bed joint reinforcement; bewehrtes Mauerwerk; Biegetragfähigkeit; blast-load; Druckstoßbelastung; ductility; Lagerfugenbewehrung; laterally loaded; Plastizität; reinforced masonry; static-load; statistische Last; wandnormale Belastung

The determination of the behaviour of reinforced masonry under blast-load was carried through with static and dynamic load tests. The results show, that the response of masonry walls and bed joint reinforcements is in the same manner als by plates. Masonry change the brittleness and becomes more ductility with MURFOR or steel reinforcement. Therefore the applicability by dynamic loading is possible. The limited load can be calculate with dynamic load factors. Determination of static resistance can be done with methods as they are known by reinforced concrete and the yieldline- theory. Bed joint reinforcements have in comparison with unreinforced walls a larger loading which is more than 4-times.