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Promotion de la Cooperation Industrielle entre la France et l'Allemagne. Utilisation de conseillers en innovation pour la promotion du transfert de technologie entre PME francaises et allemandes

: Pilorget, L.

Paris, 1993, 328 pp.
Paris, Ecole Centrale, Diss., 1993
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Deutschland; evaluation; Förderprogramm; Förderung; France; Frankreich; Germany; industrial cooperation; industrielle Kooperation; innovation consultancy; Innovationsberatung; international technology transfer; internationaler Technologietransfer; promotion; support program

The report deals with two support programmes, which aim at the promotion of international technology transfer between European SMEs. To this end, some networks of innovation counsellors were established in order to promote industrial cooperation. As the analysed programmes were factly financed by public institutions, evaluation surveys took place. The main result of the evaluation pinpoints the lack of impact of these programmes on industrial companies and the affectance of interesting spin-offs. Many reasons are mentioned to explain this lack of success, in particular the lack on information on behaviour and needs of industry as far as technology transfer is concerned, which could have been avoided by conducting an ex ante strategic evaluation.