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Produkt-Ökobilanz vakuumverpackter Röstkaffee. Kurzfassung

LCA Study on Vacuum Packed Roasted Coffee
: Diers, A.; Langowski, H.-C.; Pannkoke, K.; Hop, R.

Freising: IVV, 1999, 16 pp.
German, English
Research Report
Fraunhofer IVV ()
case study; coffee; environmental impact; environmental management; Fallbeispiel; Kaffee; LCA; product packaging; Produkt-Ökobilanz; Umwelteinwirkung; Umweltmanagement; Verpackung

The subject of the study is roasted and ground coffee from different countries of cultivation (product name "Krönung") which has been vacuum packed in the packing system of the Kraft Jacobs Suchard Company (KJS). The product was examinated as to its different stages, from coffee cultivation, primary processing, roasting, packing, distribution to purchase and preparation by the consumer as well as waste treatment of coffee grounds, packaging materials and filter bags.