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PROCESS/PRIS. User's handbook

: Batz, T.; Bartl, P.

STONE System Documentation
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
agent-task-model; Agent-Task-Modell; Arbeitskontext; cooperation; Kooperation; mental model; mentales Modell; project model; project planing system; Projektmodell; Projektplanungssystem; software development environment; Softwareentwicklungsumgebung; working context

The system PROCESS/PRIS was developed in the BMFT joint project STONE (A STructured and Open Environment) as an prototype of an open software development environment for education and research. The system consists of the project planing, monitoring and control system PRIS and the process engine PROCESS. Both systems are loosely coupled using a common mental model. The function of PRIS is the generation of the project plan based on a process model and monitoring and controling the execution of the project plan. The discrepancies from the plan, recorded with other main project events for an analysis after the end of the project, can lead to modifications of the project plan i.e. appending further working packages or changing the values for thime or effort. Within the process engine PROCESS agents (persons in a role i.e. developer or project leader) execute the working packages which are defined by PRIS. These working packages can be split in sub-activities which can be executed by other agents.