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Proceedings from the 28th DRG seminar on novel materials for impact loading. Vol.1

: Kunze, H.-D.
: NATO, Defence Research Group -DFG-

1989, 338 pp.
DRG Seminar on Novel Materials for Impact Loading <28, 1988, Bremen>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
advanced fabrication process; armour(passive, active, lightweight); impact loading; projectile(kinetic energy); self-forcing; shaped charge

Proceedings from a Symposium on Armour, Penetrators and related topics. The sessions covered (1) Advanced fabrication processes/modelling giving an overview of US programmes; (2) Armoured Materials, including light weight armour, reactive armour and composite materials; (3) Penetrator Materials including kinetic energy projectile applications, high tensile strength, and inter-dependencies between materials and ballistics; and (4) Linear Materials, including shaped charge jets. The proceedings are issued in two volumes, (1) NATO UnCLASSIFIED, and (2) NATO CONFIDENTIAL, includes all classified contributions: Available material from the poster session is included.