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Procedure of validation tests in air springs for commercial vehicles

: Fischer, G.; Streicher, M.; Grubisic, V.


Warrendale/Pa.: SAE, 1998, 5 pp. : Ill., Lit.
SAE Technical Papers, 982841
ISSN: 0148-7191
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Achse; air spring; autobus; axle; Beanspruchung; Bus; deformation; Fahrzeugbau; failure criterion; fatigue behaviour; fatigue life proof; frequency; Frequenz; Lastkraftwagen; Lebensdauernachweis; loading; Luftfeder; measurement; Messung; scatter; Schwingfestigkeitsverhalten; servo hydraulic; Servohydraulik; Streuung; Temperatur; temperature; test; torsion; truck; vehicle construction; Verformung; Versagenskriterium; Versuch

Air spring systems are increasingly used on suspensions for commercial vehicles. To prove their durability a reliable test procedure is necessary: to be applied already in the development stage to be used to qualify individual air spring manufacturers and to assure manufacturing quality. In this paper the test procedure, the test facility and some test results are presented. In the test facility the air spring is mounted on a fixture and is loaded by a servohydraulic actuator. The mounting of the air spring allows to simulate all operational deformations, being decisive for the durability. Based on the extensive measurements on proving ground and public roads the test program was worked out. The test program includes besides the loading and deformations during driving also kneeling operations as well as high and low temperatures. The accelerated laboratory tests deliver results which correspond to the existing experience at the service usage.