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Photovoltaische Energieversorgung für Geräte im kleinen und mittleren Leistungsbereich

Abschlußbericht. Forschungsvorhaben 0328689A
: Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie -BMFT-, Bonn; Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme -ISE-, Freiburg/Brsg.

Freiburg/Brsg., 1991, 313 pp.
Fraunhofer ISE ()
battery; electronic ballast; elevation; energy yield; integration; measurement; MPPT; orientation; photovoltaic; power supply; pump; pv-generator; simulation; system design; system sizing

In the low and medium power range photovoltaics is often a commercially competitive source of electric power. When units requiring small PV-generators are produced in large numbers, the demand for solar cells can be remarkably increased. Following this idea, we carried out 32 projects in cooperation with external partners - most of which were small industrial companies -. In these 32 projects, devices employing a small PV-power supply, PV-system components, and instruments for measuring solar energy system parameters were developed. Product descriptions have been compiled in a catalog. As the work progressed, tools were developed (e. g. a test facility to characterize solar cells and small modules under indoor illumination, computer software to design and simulate small PV-systems). The use of these tools and the expertise are now available for industrial customers. Fundamental investigations and experiments related to photovoltaic system performance have been carried out (e. g. room l ighting analysis, assessment of new, small batteries for use in small PV-power supplies, the optimal orientation and operating voltage of fixed PV-modules, and IV-curve measurements under real operating conditions). Furthermore, the mounting of PV-modules on roof-structures and on light-weight- structures (e. g. tents) and the enhancement of solar irradiance by reflectors on shed-roof constructions have been examined.