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Automatisiertes Längspressen von Gummi-Metall-Verbindungen

: Seliger, G.; Gutsche, C.; Neu, S.

ZWF CIM 88 (1993), No.10, pp.479-481
ISSN: 0932-0482
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Einflußgröße; Fügegeschwindigkeit; Fügepartner; Gestaltung; Kenngröße; Kennwert

For the longitudinal pressing of rubber-to-metal compounds no research has been carried out so far which would permit to make statements on the configuration of components to be joined, the behavior of materials and the choice of process parameters. A specifically developed automated press is used to carry out investigations on the quantification of process parameters, whose results are discussed here at the example of a rubber-metal damping element. It can to proved that, diverging from metal-go-metal compression joints, there is a significant relation between the pressing speed and power for rubber-to- metal joints.