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Parametric presentation of creep crack growth rate

: Hollstein, T.

Fracture <7, 1989, Houston/Tex.>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer IWM ()
C-integral; creep crack growth; fracture mechanic; intensity factor K; J-integral; steady state creep

The creep crack growth behaviour of different steels and alloys is investigated. The materials presented are chosen in order to demonstrate the ability and the limits of various one-parameter fracture mechanic approaches. Examples are shown where creep crack growth takes place under predominantly elastic conditions, e.g. in some 9-12% Cr steels, under transient conditions from elastic material behaviour to steady state creep, e.g. in a 1% Cr steel, under steady state creep conditions, partly with transients to time independent plastic material behaviour, or plastic collapse, e.g. a 18 Cr 6 Ni steel (A 304), a 32 Ni 20 Cr steel (Alloy 800 H), and a 22 Cr 12 Co Nickel base alloy (Incoloy 617), respectively.