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Organisation of Science and Technology at the Watershed. The Academic and Industrial Perspective

: Reger, G.; Schmoch, U.

Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag, 1996, XII, 426 pp. : Ill.
Technology, Innovation, and Policy, 3
ISBN: 3-7908-0910-1
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Innovationsmanagement; Forschung; industrielle Forschung; Technologietransfer; Forschungskooperation; Forschungs- und Technologiepolitik; m,edizintechnisches Gerät; neuronales Netz

A more detailed understanding of the interaction between science and technology is necessary in order to develop appropriate tools for future R&D management and technology policy. The first part of this book describes the structure of the science/technology interface and analyses the role of science for the generation of new technologies and respective institutional problems. The second part examines the challenges to R&D management and appropriate management tools from the perspective of industrial enterprises. Part III documents the results of two field studies in the science-intensive areas of medical lasers and neural networks. The major aim of the book is to bring together the variety of different approaches from an academic and industrial perspective.