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Automatisches Abschalten von Strahlungsquellen bei einer unzulaessigen Strahlung

Automatic cut-out device for radiation source e.g. X-ray source or UV lamp - uses mobile unit attached to operator supplying signal representing received radiation level to stationary unit for emergency cut-out of radiation source.
: Hafer, D.; Scholz, O.; Hanke, R.; Bauer, N.

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DE 1997-19704708 A: 19970207
DE 1997-19704708 A: 19970207
DE 19704708 A1: 19980820
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The automatic cut-out device provides disconnection of the radiation source (28) in response to an unacceptable radiation level, detected by a mobile unit (10) attached to the body of an operator. The mobile unit transmits a signal representing the detected radiation level to a stationary unit (30) associated with the radiation source, initiating the automatic cut-out when a given signal level is exceeded. USE - E.g. in medicine to protect patient ADVANTAGE - Reliable protection of operator from damaging radiation level.