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Monitoring of gaseous pollutants by tunable diode lasers '88

: Grisar, R.; Schmidtke, G.; Tacke, M.; Restelli, G.
: European Commission; Fraunhofer-Institut für Physikalische Meßtechnik -IPM-, Freiburg/Brsg.

Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, 1989, X, 305 pp.
Air pollution research report, 18; EUR, 11956
International Symposium on Monitoring of Gaseous Pollutants by Tunable Diode Lasers <2, 1988, Freiburg/Brsg.>
ISBN: 0-7923-0334-2
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer IPM ()
Abgasanalyse; atmosphärische Spurengasanalyse; Atmospheric Trace Gas Analysis; Blei-Chalkogenid-Diodenlaser; Diode Laser Spectrometer; Diodenlaserspektrometer; Exhaust Gas Analysis; frequency modulation spectroscopy; Frequenzmodulationsspektroskopie; Lead Chalcogenide Diode Laser; molecular beam epitaxy; Molekularstrahlepitaxie; photoacoustic; Photoakustik

This volume contains the papers presented at the Second International Symposium on Monitoring of Gaseous Pollutants by Tunable Diode Lasers which was held on October 17 - 18, 1988 at Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany. The volume is grouped in five sections: Atmospheric Trace Gas and Exhaust Gas Analysis: Lead Chalcogenide Diode Laser Development, Components and Techniques, Special Applications, Photoacoustics. The contributions treat extensively the present state of the art in the above fields. In particular, a worldwide survey over lead chalcogenide laser development in the three main laboratories working in this field is given and most recent results on the application of tunable diode lasers in immission and emission analysis are presented. Further more, the development of some advanced components as White cells and computer control and on prospective techniques such as high frequency modulation techniques is reported on.