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Modelling guidelines for object-oriented analysis

: Wortmann, J.; Florath, P.

Berlin: ISST, 1997
ISST-Berichte, 40
ISSN: 0943-1624
Fraunhofer ISST ()

This modelling guideline has been created for the development of a EUROCONTROL CNS/ATM Overall Object Model, Object-oriented methods for the definition of complex requirements statements have been adopted for the special needs of the ATM application domain. It reflects the joint experience of EUROCONTROL staff involved in the requirements analysis within the EATCHIP project, as well as the modelling knowledge of the Fraunhofer ISST and Technische Universität Berlin in this special application domain. Based on a detailed survey of the theoretical basis for modelling object-oriented modelling is introduced using the OMT notation . Two different approaches for the definition of requirements statements have been evaluated: classic ORD and Use Cases. Criteria for the evaluation of requirements statements are specified. A set of heuristics is given in order to find objects, attributes, associations and method signatures. Additional advice has been elaborated for the integration of Domain mod els and maintenance of overall consistency for the complete CNS/ATM context. The role of analysis within object-oriented problem analysis has been discussed. Applying the described method in the logical design allows the evaluation of different concepts for the distribution and concurrent execution of the future system. The definition of the CNS/ATM Data Dictionary ensures requirements traceability independent of a chosen CASE tool.