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Massive parts of metallic glasses made by explosive liquid phase sinter treatment

: Pruemmer, R.; Klemm, W.

1986, 845 ff : Abb.,Lit.
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Isostatic compaction is a means to achieve a density in a green compact high enough for a post sinter treatment. In explosive compaction (1) it is possible to attain of approximately 100% of the theoretical density. A further distinctive feature of explosive compaction is the tremendous amount of energy being available to an increase of the internal energy of the compact. A part of it is generated as heat, the other part is stored as lattice-energy. The introduction of heat makes an "explosive liquid phase sinter"-process possible to occur. This process enables to produce bulk materials of metallic glasses, otherwise only obtainable as thin foils or powders. It is shown that melting might occur. A calculation of the size of the largest allowable molten zones is given.