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Automation of visual surface inspection for quality control using fractal geometry

: Müssigmann, U.

Steusloff, H.; Polke, M.:
Integration of design, implementation and application in measurement, automation and control
München: Oldenbourg, 1992
ISBN: 3-486-22298-8
Interkama <12, 1992, Düsseldorf>
International Congress on Scientific and Strategic Aspects of Measurement and Automation <1, 1992, Düsseldorf>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
fractal geometry; fraktale Geometrie; Oberflächenprüfung; Qualitätsprüfung; visual surface inspection; Visuelle Prüfung

Fractal Geometry seems to be an essential tool for the understanding and description of natural geometric structures. One field of application is the classification and segmentation of textured images. The fractal dimension is a characteristic feature which can be used for example for the detection of defects on "technical surface".