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Automation of the Random Pattern Projecting 3D-Measurement Procedures

: Ahn, S.J.

Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers -ICASE-, Korea:
Korea Automatic Control Conference 1998
Pusan, Korea, 1998
Korea Automatic Control Conference <1998, Pusan, Korea>
Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers (Annual Conference) <4, 1998, Pusan, Korea>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
3D-Measurement; Optisches Meßverfahren; photogrammetry; Random

One of the primary but tedious tasks for the user and developer of an optical 3D-measurement system is to find the homologous image points in multiple images - a task that is frequently referred to as the correspondence problem. With the solution, the error-free correspondence and accurate measurement of image points are of great importance, on which the qualitative results of the subsequent 3D-measurement are immediately dependent. In fact, the automation of measurement processes is getting more important with developments in production and hence of increasing topical interest. In this paper, we present a circular coded target for automatic image point measurement and identification, its data processing and application to the random pattern projecting optical 3D-measurement methods.