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Automatic welding of large parts with mobile small robot

: Kirchberger, G.; Müller, H.

Bänder, Bleche, Rohre 33 (1992), No.10, pp.149-152
ISSN: 0005-3848
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
automatische Nahtverfolgung; kletterfähig; mobiler Roboter; Schiffbau; Schweißroboter; sensorgeführt

A mobile welding robot has been developed for automatic welding of large parts such as are given in shipbuilding and plant construction. The robot has to be small and light and be sensor-guided on a metal sheet. To be also ensured in constructions is the reduction of the traction force of the magnetic wheels when travelling over unevenness and wavy undergrounds. The initial measurements of the climbing ability and maneuverability of the robot model and the quality of welding were satisfactory.