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Automated High-Frequency Sealing in Measuring Instruments

Automatisierte Hochfrequenzdichtungsmontage bei Meßinstrumenten
: Schraft, R.D.; Spingler, J.; Wößner, J.F.

International Federation of Robotics; United Nations -UN-, Economic Commission for Europe -ECE-:
World Robotics 1998
New York, Geneva: United Nations Publications, 1998
ISBN: 92-1-100791-7
Book Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
assembly; assembly automation; Automatisierung; design for assembly; Dichtung; Hochfrequenz; Hochfrequenz-Dichtschnur; Hochfrequenztechnik; Industrieroboter; measurement; Meßgerät; Montage; Montageautomatisierung

For the assembly of measuring instruments, most of the different frame parts have to be preassembled and screwed together. Separation points of the casing have to be tipped with electrically conductive high frequency sealing. In the described application, the planning started with the design for assembly. Each component was analysed with the objective to minimise the number of process risks. For the given product structure, all assembly steps were laid down. One of the most important requirements was to assemble more than 20 different cases without any set-up time. The result of the planning operations was the system layout and technical concepts for all necessary tools and devices. Supervising all assembly processes, which are relevant for quality, it can be guaranteed that flawless parts are assembled. One of the technically most interesting automation potentials was assembling high frequency sealing. The non rigid seals with various diameters provided on rolls have to be joined in d ifferent running slots. Additional adhesive spots have to be placed on the bottom of the slot. Because of the complexity of the assembly tasks, it is necessary to use an industrial robot with six axes. All handling operations in the assembly cell are carried out by the robot.