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Auswirkungen von Aphideninfektionen -Acyrthosiphon pisum- auf Enzymaktivität und Pigmentgehalt von Pflanzen -Vicia faba-

: Hertel, R.F.; Rosner, G.

Gesellschaft für Ökologie -GfÖ-:
Verhandlungen Gesellschaft für Ökologie
Göttingen, 1987 (Verhandlungen - Gesellschaft für Ökologie 15)
ISSN: 0171-1113
pp.373-378 : Abb.,Lit.
Book Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
biochemical indicator; model system; plant response

The influence of an aphid infection (Acyrthosiphon pisum) on leaves of Vicia faba has been investigated under controlled conditions using biochemical parameters which are commonly analysed to assess air pollution effects. Experiments were performed analysing either all leaves (regardless of the numbers of aphids per leaf; 1. series) or every single leaf of the test plants (2. series). It was found that the glutamatdehydrogenase activity significantly increased with the number of aphids settling on the leaf (r = 0.6); the coefficient of GDH/NADH: GDH/NAD remained unchanged (7:1); peroxidase activity and total protein content was enhanced, while the content of chlorophyll a, b and their corresponding phaeopthytins was not influence by the aphids. Shoot growth was depressed at about 30% on aphid infection. Evaluating the results, evidence is shown for a local response of the leaf on aphid infection as well as changes in the metabolite N-pools of the plant. Comparable effects are commonly accepted to be caused by gaseous acid air pollutants. (ITA)