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Auswahl von Materialgesetzen und Parameteridentifikation für nichtlinear-elastische Werkstoffe

Selection of material laws and identification of material parameters for nonlinear elastic materials
: Görke, U.-J.; Günther, H.; Schöpfel, A.


Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 26 (1995), No.8, pp.459-467 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0933-5137
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Bauteil; Dehnung; elasticity; Elastizität; Elastomer; elastomere; fatigue life proof; Festigkeit; Lebensdauerabschätzung; material property; nichtmetallischer Werkstoff; nonmetallic material; Probestab; Rechenverfahren; Spannung; specimen; strain; strength; stress; structural component; test; theoretical method; Versuch; viscoelasticity; Viskoelastizität; Werkstoffeigenschaft

Elastomer components are used for a wide range of applications (e.g. seals, load introduction and damping elements, coatings). Their importance for the proper function of complete subassemblies has continuously increased over the last years. Despite the comparatively low cost of elastomer parts the design and testing of these components requires a high standard of expertise and thorough understanding. Modern analysis and appropriate software tools (e.g. finite-element codes) are utilized by manufacturers and customers (OEMs) to simulate the behavior of elastomer components under operational conditions. Realistic geometry's and boundary conditions can be investigated at acceptable expenses. The quality of the results obtained depends substantially on an accurate model for the complicated material behavior. This article provides an insight into development and application of material laws which describe the hyperelastic and viscoelastic behavior of elastomer materials. Suitable experimen tal and numerical procedures are presented to identify the material parameters. The verified material models are input to structural analyses, dimensioning and assessment of strength and long-term behavior for elastomer components.