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: Felger, W.; Schäfer, R.; Zachmann, G.

Darmstadt, 1994
Technical Report
Fraunhofer IGD ()

In diesem Bericht wird das Modell des Interaktions-Toolkit INTO Beschrieben. Zur Bereitstellung von allgemeingueltigen Mechanismen fuer die Verwaltung von verschiedenen Eingabegeraeten (auch multidimensionale Eingabegeraete) wurden, in Anlehnung an graphische Standards, logische Eingabeklassen eingefuehrt. Als logische Eingabeklassen werden Tasten, Wertgeber, Auswaehler, Lokalisierer, Identifizierer, Orientierung, Raum und Hand angeboten. Eine geeignete Zuordnung von physikalischen Eingabegeraeten zu diesen logischen Eingabeklassen wird praesentiert. One result of the progress of digital electronics in the area of audio and video engineering is the emergence of the new multimedia computer technology, which enables the combination of the different representation of visual and acoustic information. In consequence of that evolution a lot of different multimedia products exist on the market today and the number of products is growing up continuous. This multimedia products differ in so man y ways and basic concepts that it is unpossible to get a global overview in appropriate time. The multimedia technology area is characterized by a "alphabet soup" of using standards and defacto standards. Furthermore, the area is so broad that it encompasses hardware, firmware, and software; stand-alone and distributed systems; output-only and highly-interactive user environments; consumer electronics, office automation, and scientific applications. No single taxonomy of multimedia has been successful in highlighting all of its important characteristi cs. The goal of our survey, which is sponsered by BMFT (DFN) under contract number TK 558-VA 018, is the creation of a survey which gives you the possibility of an overview and especially gives you a selection of multimedia products which fits to your requirements. Actually more than 40 products are included. Both, formal information (e.g., software platform, supported standards) and informal information (e.g., scanned pictures or docume n ts) are considered in this survey. The products are analyzed with different approaches. That means everyone is able to choose his own level of information. Multimedia products are used in diverse application areas like authoring, video conferencing and multimedia presentation. During the phase of the selection of different multimedia products it was important to get rather an overview over the wide area of multimedia products. This survey shows the state of the art. In consequence of the evolution of multimedia products new versions appears on the mark et (like ShowME 2.0, evailable by end of March 1994) and distributors are changed (like IconAuthor, the new distributor is unknown). Other products (like HSC Inter Active) are only available as an addon for a soundcard, not even as a standalone version.