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Innovation in Production

The Adoption and Impacts of New Manufacturing Concepts in German Industry
: Lay, G.; Shapira, P.; Wengel, J.

Berlin: Physica-Verlag, 1998, 185 pp.
Technology, Innovation
ISBN: 3-7908-1140-8
Fraunhofer ISI ()
industrielle Produktion; Innovation; research and development; market structure; employment study; unemployment and vacancy; retirement and quit; innovation and invention; organization of production; employment determination; demand for labor; self-employment; industrial jurisprudence; labor-management relation

How industrial companies in Germany's critically important investment goods sector are deploying new technological and organizational production concepts to adapt to competitiveness challenge, new market requirements, environmental demands, and policy pressures is examined in this book. It draws on the Fraunhofer ISI's unique nationwide survey of technology use and production in Germany. East German as well as West German data is analyzed. Readers will gain fresh insights about the diffusion of new production concepts, the interaction of process and product innovation, and subsequent effects of productivity, employment, work flexibility, and the business performance of German industry. Implications for business strategy, public policy, and ongoing research into technology diffusion are considered.