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Holographische Bauelemente - Eigenschaften und Anwendungen

Enthält: Eigene Berechnungen und Experimentelle Resultate
Holographic elements - properties and applications
: Palme, M.; Döpel, -; Semmler, H.; Waldhäusel, K.; Kießling, H.

Jenaer Zeiss-Optikkolloquium <1995, Jena>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer IOF ()
beam shaping; computer generated hologram; diffractive element; grating interferometer; holographic element; optical interconnection; ray tracing

An introduction to various posibilities to calculate and to produce diffractive optical elementswas given.Diffraction efficiency calculations based on a rigerous diffraction theory were discussed with respect of different surface profits. Applications as beam dividing and multiplexing for optical interconnections were discussed. Results Of the calculation of imaging diffractive elements, hybrid optical elements (GRIN, HOE) and diffractive beamshaping werecalculated by means of a ray tracing program. An example for an application m the field of optical interconnects was given. This diffractive multifunctional element was used to realize optical imaging, beam dividing and beam shaping for eight channels. The reasonof the difference between calculation and measurements of the first realization (optical hologram) was discussed. Further applications for imaging elements such as waveguide couplers, were shown.