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The associativity as a tool for CAD

: Kilian, C.; Teixeira, J.

Kimura, F.:
Computer Applications in Production and Engineering : Proceedings of the Third International IFIP Conference on Computer Applications in Production and Engineering, CAPE '89, Tokyo, Japan, 2-5 October, 1989
Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1990
ISBN: 0-444-88089-5
Conference on Computer Applications in Production and Engineering (CAPE) <3, 1989, Tokyo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
associativity; Computer Aided Design (CAD); design

In Computer Aided Geometric Design, besides the topology of the model, the storage and management of other associations between the elementary objects created seems to be desirable. Between them, the associations derived from the constructive methods may have a special importance. These associations can influence the next steps of the work, for instance, the manipulation and deletion operations, providing the user with a powerful tool to prevent undesirable results. The main goal of this paper is to present the associativity concept and its applicability. Starting with some notions used in our work, we will refer to some types of relations capable to be defined from the construction methods of geometric objects, predicates attached to the geometric objects involved in these definition methods and rules for their manipulation. An application example will also be presented.