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Aromaentwicklung in Kakao. Auswirkung der feucht-thermischen Behandlung. Teil 2

Influence of moist-thermal treatment in cocoa flavour. Part 2
: Ziegleder, G.; Oberparleiter, S.

Süßwaren 40 (1996), No.10, pp.60-63
ISSN: 0721-0825
ISSN: 0039-4653
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
aroma; aromavorstufen; cocoa; drying; flavour; flavour precusor; Kakao; roasting; Röstung; Trocknen

Cocoa nibs were treated with 15 per cent of water at about 50 centigrades for 15 minutes. Afterwards the treated nibs were dried at about 100 centigrades to a final water content of 3 per cent. By means of such a treatment a greater part of flavour precursors (amino acids, sugars) is converted into Amadori-compounds. After roasting more precursors are consumed and flavour is intensified. Especially the concentration of furylic flavour compounds is increased.