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Aromaentwicklung in Kakao. Auswirkung der feucht-thermischen Behandlung. Teil 1

Influence of moist-thermal treatment in cocoa flavour. Part 1
: Ziegleder, G.; Oberparleiter, S.

Süßwaren 40 (1996), No.9, pp.22-24
ISSN: 0721-0825
ISSN: 0039-4653
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
aroma; aromavorstufen; cocoa; drying; fermentation; flavour; flavour precusor; Kakao; roasting; Röstung; Trocknen

Cocoa flavour precursors are developed during fermentation and drying of cocoa seeds. The main precursors are free amino acids, which derive from peptides, and glucose and fructose, which derive from saccharose. In course of Maillard-reaction the precursors are transformed into interesting intermediates, so-called Amadori-compounds. A moist-thermal treatment of unroasted cocoa nibs followed by an optimized drying process may increase the concentration of Amadori-compounds. As a consequence the flavour formation during the following roasting process may be intensified.