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Aromabildung in Abhängigkeit von Provenienz, Fermentation und thermischer Behandlung

Cocoa flavour formation as a function of country of origin, fermentation and thermal treatment
: Ziegleder, G.

Tagungsband des 2. Internationalen Kakao- und Schokoladenkongresses. Vortrag 11
20 pp. : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
Internationaler Kakao- und Schokoladenkongreß <2, 1991, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
aroma; cocoa; drying; fermentation; flavour; Kakao; roasting; Rösten; Trocknen

Cocoa flavour is influenced by the country of origin of the cocoa beans and by fermentation, drying, roasting and further processing. During fermentation the main flavour precursors are developed: free amino acids, peptides and monosaccharides. The valuable flavour grade beans contain relatively high concentrations of linealool and other terpenoids which contribute to the flowery, tea-like aroma notes. Maillard reaction starts during the drying of fermented seeds and Amadori compounds are developed. The main flavour compounds result from the thermal treatment during the industrial drying and roasting processes. The flavour quality is influenced by the water content and the roasting conditions. Further processing steps as thin-layer-treatment or conching are needed to optimize cocoa flavour and develop chocolate aroma notes. (-z-)