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Development of methods of analysis for monomers and other starting substances with SML and/or QM limits in directives 90/128/EEC and 92/39/EEC. 1993-1996. Final report

Project contract No. MAT1-CT92-0006
Entwicklung von Methoden zur Analyse von Monomeren und anderen Initiatoren mit SML- und/oder QM-Grenzwerten, festgelegt in den Richtlinien 90/128/EEC und 92/39/EEC. Abschlußbericht.
: Franz, R.; Rijk, R.

Freising: ILV, 1996, 12 pp.
Standards, measurements and testing programme
Research Report
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Forschung; Kunststoff; Lebensmittel; migration; monomer; packaging; plastics; Prüfmethode; reserach; Standartisation; Standardisierung; test method; Verpackung

The objective of this S, M&T project which was carried out by a European consortium of 13 laboratories from 9 different member states under the co-ordination of FhILV, Freising, Germany and the main partner TNO, Zeist, The Netherlands, was to provide at least 32 pre-validated methods of analysis for the specific migration determination of a selection of monomers listed with restriction in Directives 90/128/EEC and 92/39/EEC. The results of the project confirm full achievement of this aim by delivery of 33 analytical methods out of which 23 received already CEN approval and were found suitable for publication as pre-norms (Category I methods given in Annex I). The remaining 10 methods are currently awaiting this CEN approval (Category II methods given in Annex II).