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Customized Establishment of Measurement Programs - CEMP

: Cinti, S.; Fuggetta, A.; Gresse, C.; Hoisl, B.; Lavazza, L.; Morasca, S.; Oivo, M.; Oldano, G.; Orazi, E.; Rodenbach, E.; Rombach, H.D.; Ruhe, G.; Solingen, R.v.; Woda, H.; Latum, F.v.

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Kaiserslautern, 1996, 109 pp. : Ill., Lit.
IESE-Report, 001.96/E
Reportnr.: IESE-Report 001.96/E
Report, Electronic Publication
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The Goal/Question/Metric (GQM) approach to measurement of software processes and products has been used successfully in selected industrial environments. This report summarizes results and lessons learned from its application in three European companies: Robert Bosch, Digital, and Schlumberger.

Project goals
Main objectives of the CEMP ("Customized Establishment of Measurement Programs") project were (i) to introduce and perform measurement programs based on GQM related to quality aspects of reliability and reusability in all three companies, (ii) to compare and analyze their results and experiences, and (iii) to derive replicable cost/benefit data as well as guidelines and heuristics for wide-spread establishment of GQM-based measurement programs in European industries.

Work done
To increase validity of results, the project was organized as a synchronized and coordinated parallel case study. All application experiments performed the following main steps:
1 Characterization of the application environment.
2 Definition of GQM-plans for reliability and reusability.
3 Planning of measurement programs.
4 Realization of measurement programs.
5 Company-specific analysis and interpretation of collected data.
6 Packaging of results.

Additionally, comparison of results across companies were done to analyze commonalities and differences. Dissemination of experiences gained in the project was organized. All information on the CEMP project is also available on the WWW-server (

Results achieved including their significance
Measurement programs for reliability and reusability were successfully introduced and realized in all three companies. Additional pilot measurement was included during the 22 months of CEMP project. After careful analysis of measurement results an improved understanding of software development with an increased awareness of strengths and weaknesses of products and processes was achieved. Based on established baselines for all topics under considerations, suggestions for improvement with high impact on quality of software development were derived. As an additional deliverable, tool support for performing goal-oriented measurement was developed by Digital.

Across the replicated pilotprojects at the experimental sites a comparative analysis was done wrt. the introduction of GQM-based measurement programs. Commonalities and differences of all results and experiences were related to
specific application domains and project characteristics to better enable transfer and application of the overall CEMP project results in other environments and organizations.

From the CEMP experiment it was shown that total effort for introducing GQM based measurement is about one person year. Project team effort devoted to GQM was proven to be less than 3% of total project effort. Taking into account achieved benefits, effort was considered to be an efficient investment even for the first measurement project. Reuse of experiences and results in the second pilot projects resulted in improved cost-benefit ratio. From a methodological point of view, CEMP-project experiences in performing goal-oriented measurement were summarized in a detailed process model which is accompanied by guidelines and heuristics for its implementation. This considerably facilitates the application of the approach by other organizations.

Next proposed actions
All three companies achieved a higher maturity in software measurement. They will introduce GQM for an increasing number of projects or even for all software projects as in the case of Schlumberger RPS. Results and experiences of CEMP-project initiated improvement programs for participating companies and will enable other companies to learn when starting with goaloriented measurement.