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Coupling measurements on intelligent missiles at microwave frequencies

Vortrag AGARD-DRG Meeting.
: Braun, C.; Guidi, P.; Schmidt, H.U.

High Power Microwaves <1994, Ottawa>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer INT ()
back door coupling; cable resonance; coupling measurement; coupling path; Einkopplungsmessung; Einkopplungspfad; Flugkörper; front door coupling; high power microwave; HLMW; Hochleistungsmikrowelle; HPM; interaction; Leitungsresonanz; Lenkflugkörper; missile; Oberflächenfeld; plane wave excitation; structure resonance; Strukturresonanz; surface field; TEM cell; TEM-Zelle; terminally guided missile; triplate transmission line

The paper describes our low power microwave coupling measurements on terminally guided missiles in the frequency range between 10...8000 MHz. The plane wave excitation experiments have been carried out in our field coupling facility, which consists of a asymmetric triplate transmission line with maximum field levels of about 40 V/m in the working volume. As test objects we examined five (semi) autonomous guides missiles. Three of them, former experimental studies from the Diehl company (GE), are presented in this paper. The test objects were positioned in the simulator in three orthogonal orientation with respect to the external field and were not connected to a power supply (inactive condition). In order to be able to systematically analyze the interaction of the external electromagnetic fields with the avionics and its wiring, we had to divide the investigations into three independent phases, namely, external interaction with the fuselage, mode of penetration to the interior of the m issile and excitation of the electric systems and the cabling.