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Compilation of the type view in Pi

Über die Compilation algebraischer Spezifikationen in Pi
: Budach, L.
: Fraunhofer-Institut für Software und Systemtechnik -ISST-, Berlin

Berlin, 1992, 68 pp.
ISST-Berichte, 1
Fraunhofer ISST ()
Algebra; compiler; computer language; Programmiersprache; software engineering

The following paper is a proposal how to compile abstract algebraic specifications into fully concrete specifications where computations are running directly in the object code. It is assumed that the algebraic specifications are in a certain sense constructive. This compiler allows the compilation of software systems consisting of mixed abstract (type view) and concrete (imperative view) modules and specified in the Pi-language into specifications which are described fully concrete (in terms of Pi: in the imperative view only).