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Comparison of free and liposomal encapsulated IFNy in promoting the disease of SLE prone NZB/W mice


European Federation of Immunological Societies (Meeting) <10, 1990, Edinburgh>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
IFNy; interferon; liposome; macrophage; Makrophage; Maus; mouse; SLE

Aberrant MHC class II antigen expression is discussed to play an important role in promoting autoimmunity. Therefore we compard the effect of 5 x 10 high 4 units murine recombinant IFNy administered either free or encapsulated in multilamellar liposomes. Four weeks old female NZB/W mice were treated for one or three month by 3 injections (i.v. and after 4 weeks i.p.) per week. Both IFNy treated groups showed an earlier occurence of autoantibodies in the serum in comparison to PBS treated controls. In addition, those mice treated with free IFNy showed an accelerated proteinuria and increased MHC class II antigen expression on circulating peripheral blood lymphocytes. Short time treatment for one week revealed an increase in peripheral blood leucocytes and in cells of the macrophage lineage found in the liver of both IFNy treated groups.