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Approach towards environment information systems (EIS)

: Rinschede, A.

ISCIMS '92. International Symposium on Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems. Proceedings
International Symposium on Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems <1992, Beijing>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
ecocontrolling; ecological balancing; ecological book keeping; environmental data bank; Ökologie; ökologische Bewertung; product balancing; Product line analysis; product line matrix; Produktlinienanalyse; Risikoanalyse; risk analysis; Umweltcontrolling; Umweltdatenbank; Umweltinformationssystem

In view of the present ecological and economical conditions and waste economy the development of ecologially, economially and socially acceptable production processes is a major aim. Under this aspect there are new approaches to assess the profitability of an enterprise In a systematic structure of an environment information system (EIS). Exiting isolated solutions, such as product line analysis, material and energy balancing or ecological balancing are taken into consideration. Possible components of an EIS are risk analysi, planning documents, detailed overviews over environmental impacts as well as use of existing environmental databanks. Know-how on existing laws and such to be expected are fundamental for an early recognition system. New trends and technologies are described by technical literature. An applicable and clear environment information system, however, does still not exist.