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Applying workflow management technology to semi-structured-business processes

: Deiters, W.; Löffeler, T.; Striemer, R.

Khoong, C.M.:
Reengineering in action. The quest for world-class excellence
London: Imperial College Press, 1999
ISBN: 1-86094-139-7
Book Article
Fraunhofer ISST ()
classification scheme for business process; flexibility of business process; semi-structured business process; workflow management

The workflow management technolgy is one enabling technology for achieving IT-sypport for business process oriented information systems. However, currently available workflow systems focus on solutions for well structured business processes the execution of which is known a priori, i.e. before enacting the processes. One main disadvantage of such systems is their deficiency in coping with some real life situations which demand for a flexible process support. Todays systems usually strictly distinguish so called build-time components (for process definition) and run-time components (for process enaction). In order to deal with the aspect flexibility of business processes, it is important to overcome this phased model of process management. In this paper so called semi-structured business processes are introduced. Furthermore a classification scheme is introduced for identifying different kinds of semi-structured process models. For some of the classes of semi-structured business process es, examples for a suitable IT support are given.