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Biobeständigkeit verschiedener Mineralfasertypen in der Rattenlunge nach intratrachealer Applikation

Biopersistence of various types of mineral fibres in the rat lung after intratracheal application
: Bellmann, B.; Muhle, H.

Bremerhaven: Wirtschaftsverlag NW, 1995, 108 pp.
Schriftenreihe der Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz, Fb 711
ISBN: 3-89429-567-8
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
carcinogenicity testing; intratracheal instillation; lung; mineral fibre; polypropylene fibers; rat

From the present knowledge the biopersistence of fibres is a critical factor for the possible cancerogenic potency of these materials. To test the relationship between chemical composition, biopersistence and cancerogenicity, in the present study fibre materials were used most of which were tested already for carcinogenic potency in an intraperitoneal test or an inhalation study. These types of fibres were tested: glass microfibres M-475, M-753, E-Glas; glass wools MMVF11, TL, X607; M-Stone wool, M-Slag wool, ceramic fibre RCF1, glass fibre B-01 and polypropylene fibres. Respirable fractions of these materials were used. For the mineral wools special sizing techniques have been used to obtain these respirable fractions. The bivariate size distribution of fibres was analysed by scanning electron microscopy. (abstract truncated)