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Application of time and temperature resolved X-ray diffraction -TRXRD- to thermal analysis

Thermoanalytische Anwendung der zeit- und temperaturaufgelösten Röntgenbeugung -TRXRD-
: Engel, W.; Eisenreich, N.; Alonso, M.; Kolarik, V.


Journal of thermal analysis 40 (1993), pp.1017-1024
ISSN: 0368-4466
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ICT ()
ammonium nitrate; application; high-temperature corrosion; kinetics; phase transition; potassium nitrate; solid-state reactions; TRXRD

The application of TRXRD for thermal analysis is demonstrated using examples of phase transitions, solid-state reactions and high-temperature corrosion. The measuring system produces a series of diffraction patterns, which are evaluated by a difference procedure that a reduces the data to curves comparable to DSC and TG curves and thus suited to kinetic evaluation.