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Application of the silicon technology for microsystems in the medical techniques

: Mokwa, W.

Krahn, R.; Reichl, H. ; Ausstellungs-, Messe-, Kongreß-GmbH -AMK-, Berlin:
Micro System Technologies '91
Berlin: VDE-Verlag, 1991
ISBN: 3-8007-1819-7
International Conference on Micro Electro, Opto, Mechanic Systems and Components <2, 1991, Berlin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Blutanalyse; Herzkatheter; invasives Monitoring; Medizintechnik; Mikrosensoren; Mikrosystemtechnik

Silicon technologies not only allows the fabrication of integrated analog and digital circuitry but also the fabrication of micro sensors for detection of physical and chemical parameters. In this paper different micro sensors will be presented and examples for their use in microsystems for medical applications will be given.