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Application of modeling codes to ultrasonic weld inspection

Anwendung von Modellierungs-Codes für die Ultraschall-Schweißnahtprüfung
: Walte, F.; Spies, M.; Langenberg, K.-J.

Electric Power Research Institute -EPRI-, NDE Center:
EPRI Vessel & Internals Inspection Conference. Part II
Charlotte, 1994
Session IX
EPRI Conference on Vessel & Internals Inspection <1994, San Antonio/Texas>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
echodynamic; finite element analysis; modeling; point-source synthesis; Punktquellensynthese; Schallausbreitung; sound propagation; Ultraschall; ultrasonic; welding

The benefit of mathematical modeling codes for modern NDT is well-known, as they are increasingly applied to simulate ultrasonic experiments in real-life inspection. They yield valuable information on the propagation of ultrasound and its interaction with defects and allow for visualization of sound fields and sensitivity zones of ultrasonic transducers. Modern versions of modeling codes - such as the Elastodynamic Finite Integration Technique (EFIT) and the generalized Point-Source-Synthesis (GPSS) - are able to provide quantitative results in form of echo dynamics and A-, B-, or C-scans. The contribution presents recents results obtained using GPSS and EFIT, respectively.