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Application of CIM-OSA in machine tool manufacturing and aluminium casting

: Schönewolf, W.; Baisch, R.; Langendoen, M.

O'Brien, C.; MacConaill, P.; Puymbroeck, W. van:
Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Proceedings of the 8th CIM-Europe Annual Conference
Berlin: Springer, 1992
ISBN: 3-540-19766-4
CIM-Europe Annual Conference <8, 1992, Birmingham>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
CIM-modelling; CIM-OSA validation; integrating infrastructure

A characterization of the SME Manufacturing Companies' Iproblems related to today's information technology when introducing CIM-concepts leads to the role of CIM-OSA framework and the VOICE approach for its validation. Motivation and requirements of Traub pilot site are detailed covering the domains of order planning and tool management. The modelling approach is given by the first step, the Domain Establishment. From domain descriptions, requirements are derived, relevant to Traub's target Production Managment System. They form the basis for testbed configuration and Integrating Infrastructure specification at IPK laboratory from which first conclusions are drawn. First experiences with the CIM-OSA modelling framework applied to the Elval Casting Plant are sketched. By describing the applied Model Creation Process, some problems encountered in the Function View at Requirements and Design Level are addressed. Concluding, the envisaged ways of result exploitation are given.