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Application of arrangement-algorithm for innerplant layout planning

: Moszyk, U.

Univ. Passau:
XII. Symposium on Operations Research. Proceedings
Frankfurt/Main: Athenäum Verlag, 1988 (Methods of Operations Research 59)
ISBN: 3-610-09808-2
Symposium on Operations Research <12, 1987, Passau>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
interactiv planning of material flows; layout planning; location problem; multi-criteria optimizing; quadratic assignment problems

Since the 60ties of this century several mathematical models for innerplant layout planning purposes have been developed. For the modelling often extreme restrictions are set, which in return hinder the general application in practice. This report represents an algorithm for the computer-aided layout planning, by means of which it is possible to dublicate planning areas in genuine shape and which in addition allows the integration of particial to be quantified functions into one final function. By putting attributes on planning areas, various area-orientated classification problems can be considered even during the running time itself.