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Application of animation and audio in visualization systems

: Astheimer, P.; Felger, W.

Hin, A.J.S. ; European Association for Computer Graphics -EUROGRAPHICS-:
Second Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing 1991. Proceedings : Participants Edition
Delft, 1991
15 pp.
Eurographics Workshop on Visualization in Scientific Computing <2, 1991, Delft>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
animation; sonification; visualisation; volume rendering

Visualization systems today have realized many of the concepts required fo visualization. But there are aspects not yet integrated but which will increase significantly system abilities to extract meaning from complex data and unveil hidden coherences in applications. One missing feature is audio, which extends the communication bandwidth between man and machine. Another feature not yet implemented in system architectures is time as the driving factor for animated simulations.