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Applicability of the proof-test concept to ceramic hip-joint heads

Anwendbarkeit des Proof-Test-Konzepts auf keramische Hüftgelenksköpfe
: Kleer, G.; Siegele, D.; Soltesz, U.

Christel, P.; Meunier, A.; Lee, A.J.C.:
Biological and Biomechanical Performance of Biomaterials. Proceedings
Amsterdam, 1986 (Advances in Biomaterials 6)
ISBN: 0-444-42666-3
pp.489-494 : Abb.,Lit.
European Conference on Biomaterials <5, 1985, Paris>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
Biokeramik; Endoprothetik; Hüftgelenkersatz; Keramikkomponente; Lebensdauer; Proof-Test; Spannungsanalyse; Zuverlässigkeit

Proof-testing was applied to ceramic hip-joint heads subjected to a loading which approximates the service conditions especially in the highest stressed regions of these components. Calculations of minimum life times for components surviving these tests, as well as experimental measurements of life times of heads subjected to different loadings were performed. The results show, that during loading times accessible to the experiment, no failure occured until the calculated minimum life time was reached. The concept can also be applied to implants loaded under in-vivo conditions in order to exclude failure for a projected life time of more than ten years.