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Apparative developments for inservice inspections of reactor pressure vessels

: Bohn, H.; Ruthrof, K.; Barbian, O.A.; Kappes, W.; Neumann, R.; Stanger, H.-K.

Nuclear Engineering and Design (1987), No.102, pp.341-355
ISSN: 0029-5493
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
ALOK; automated ultrasonic inspection; large-scale manipulator; phased array; time-of-flight evaluation

Inservice inspections of primary circuit components are important preventive measures to guarantee nuclear power plant integrity, satisfying simultaneously reactor safety and economy in plant operation. Emphasizing pressurized water reactor pressure vessel (RPV) inspections, recent developments of new generations of automated and mechanized ultrasonic inspection equipment are presented. Starring from general equipment design and inservice implementation criteria, specific examples are given. Main attention is directed to equipment realization of phased array and ALOK inspection techniques, especially in their combination. Refined aspects of subsequent computer processing and evaluation of defect detection data are described. Analytical features and potential for further developments become evident. Remote controlled RPV inspections are stressed by describing a new generation of central mast manipulators, forming an integral part of total inservice inspection system. (IZFP)