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Zusammenfassung von Einzelzellen zu einer Membranelektrodeneinheit und deren Verwendung

Membranelektrodeneinheit gebildet durch die Zusammenfassung von flaechigen Einzelzellen und deren Verwendung (C1)
Diaphragm electrode unit formed by combining flat individual cells and their use
: Ledjeff, K.; Nolte, R.

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DE 1995-19502391 A: 19950126
DE 1995-19502391 A: 19950126
EP 1996-900857 AW: 19960123
WO 1996-DE111 A: 19960123
DE 19502391 C1: 19960523
EP 815609 B1: 20000531
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The invention relates to a combination of flat individual cells which each consist of a polymer fixed electrolyte and electrode surfaces applied to both sides to form an electrode diaphragm unit, whereby 2 to 10,000 individual cells are switched in series in conjunction with the stepped overlapping of the electrode surfaces (4, 5, 6) of one individual cell with the opposite electrode surfaces (7, 8, 9) of the next individual cell and thus form a unidimensional diaphragm electrode unit (1) and that a transverse structure made of electronically conductive material is arranged at least between the overlapping electrode surfaces.