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Atomizing device
: Heisig, U.; Frach, P.; Goedicke, K.

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DE 1991-4127262 A: 19910817
DE 1991-4127262 A: 19910817
DE 4127262 C1: 19920604
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The atomizing device is designed to coat large substrates with ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. The device, consisting of a cathode (target), anode, magnetic system and power supply, is designed in such a way that the target consists of at least two isolated subtargets to which any voltages can be applied. The targets are attached to heat sinks which are also isolated. The magnetic system consists of separate controllable magnetic units. Power can be supplied from either d.c. or a.c. sources. The gap between the subtargets and the sub-heat sinks lies within the range of the poles of the magnetic unit.