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WIT Space Planner - Internet-enabled 3D Graphics in Furniture Business

: Malkewitz, R.; Oliveira, M.d.; Sakkas, N.

Roger, J.-Y.; Stanford-Smith, B.; Kidd, P.T.:
Business and Work in the Information Society: New Technologies and Applications
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1999
ISBN: 4-274-90302-8
ISBN: 90-5199-491-5
European Multimedia, Microprozessor Systems and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exhibition (EMMSEC) <9, 1999, Stockholm>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Electronic Commerce; product data; VRML

As described in earlier publications the WIT project (ESPRIT 25677) aims towards the design and implementation of Internet-enabled information exchange in the wood/furniture supply chain. The main objective is to establish a European network of WIT enabled Web-servers that deliver relevant product data-such as 3D model representation, prices, delivery schedules, quotations, etc. - to any client site. The user will have access to a set of tools made available by the "WIT-Cliet" software. This paper explains the WIT functionality with emphasis on the SPACE PLANNER tool, and thereby references some exemplary situations of use. Some technical detail concerning the design and implementation of this tool is discussed - such as the underlying data model, integration with other parts of the WIT-Client software, and the structured flow of data across the WIT network. Special consideratiois taken regarding user interface aspects, e.g. dealing with three-dimensional models on a common two-dimensi onal user interfaces environment, without cognitively overloading the user.