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Anwendung Neuronaler Netze für die Texturklassifikation in gemusterten Materialien

: Köppen, M.; Schwarze, G.; Nickolay, B.

Vision and Voice Magazine 6 (1992), No.3, pp.201-212
ISSN: 0936-8469
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Belehrung; neuronales Netzwerk; Texturanalyse; Texturklassifikation

The following article concerns with some considerations and results in using neural networks for classification of textile materials. Advantages and disadvantages of using a backpropagation-classifier will be described by the help of an easy modelling of its functionality. In a practical example - surface inspection in textile materials - feature sets calculated from the co-occurrence-matrix are to be classified by a neural network. This proofs the possibility of using neural network in detection of distortions in industrial surfaces.