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Werkzeug zum Entfernen von ueber die Werkstueckoberflaeche hinausragenden Bestandteilen

Projection removing tool - has cutting device consisting of cutting blade with apertures in it and intermediate layer on side facing away from workpiece.
: Weisener, T.; Killmann, K.; Rupprecht, R.; Widmann, H.; Fleischmann, J.

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DE 1996-19601702 A: 19960118
DE 1996-19601702 A: 19960118
DE 19601702 C2: 19990610
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The tool removes projections extending above the top surface of the workpiece and affecting its smoothness, by sprung cutters. It includes a cutting device consisting of a cutting blade shaped to the outline of the workpiece (3) and in the form of a sliding plane on the surface of the workpiece. There are several apertures in the blade with knife edges. The cutting blade has an intermediate layer (11) on the side facing away from the workpiece. The other side of this layer is fixed to a base plate (10) to form part of the tool guide system. ADVANTAGE - Less risk of damage to surface being machined.