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Werkstoffkennwerte für den Betriebsfestigkeitsnachweis von Faserverbundbauteilen

Material property data for fatigue substantiation of composite aircraft structure
: Gerharz, J.J.; Huth, H.; Mattheij, P.

DGLR-Bericht 1/91
1991 (DGLR-Bericht 1/91)
Book Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Bauteil; Beanspruchungskollektiv; Faserverbundwerkstoff; fatigue life proof; Festigkeit; fiber composite material; Kerbempfindlichkeit; laminat; Lebensdauernachweis; loading spectrum; material characteristic; notch sensitivity; strength; structural component; Temperatur; temperature; test; Versuch; Werkstoffkennwert

The fatigue substantiation for composite structures comprises proof of strength under static and cyclic loading as well as proof of sufficient life after damage initiation. Therefore, early design phases include fatigue evaluation for example with the material selection. This requires -material data of demanded properties and -allowable design data for required safety. Here it is briefly shown -how allowables are derived from test samples, -how they correlate with design load levels and -what property data are essential within material selection and early design stages and how they change with -laminate structure -type of loading and -environment.